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About Us

The hospital teamed with one of the best medical experts. Under the able guidance of Director, DR.ANUPAM JAISWAL & DR.UMA JAISWAL. Shakuntala Hospital has engaged in charitable endeavors across Allahabad regularly and frequently through medical camps, free distribution of medicine in rural area & reaching out of those who find it difficult to reach us.

AN ISO - 9001:2008 certified for quality management system. The international organization for standardization- The ISO standards is guarantee of the quality across boundaries.

We have a team of highly qualified and experienced Doctor´s, Paramedical staff & other professional to run various department of hospital smoothly and try to become a landmark in adjacent region.

The Shakuntala Hospital is a mission to bring health care of higher standards within the reach of every individual.


  • Goals of Shakuntala Hospital is to become a premier regional health care provider to residents of its services area. A hospital recognized by Patient & staff for excellence and compassion in service area
  • Mission

  • We are dedicated to improving health of community.
  • Core Value

  • We at Shakuntala Hospital hold these values to be fundamental.
  • People

  • We respect all these with whom we work. Team work is our strength.
  • Services Excillence

  • We work to fulfill standards of service excellence.
  • Quality

  • We strives hard to provide the best quality possible.
  • Responsibility

  • We takes our responsibilities the best way possible.
  • Communication

  • We promotes a good communication.
  • Safety

  • We are dedicated to creating safest environment for all.
  • Inovation

  • We are committed to a supportive environment that is open to new ideas & creativity.